USB LED Wake Up Sunrise Alarm Clock

A gentle waking process positvley influences your bodies Cortisol levels throughout the day. This product is a perfect compliment to one of our memory foam pillows helping you come out of sleep as naturally and comfortably as you started. With it's USB rechargeable functionality it is also well suited to travelling, not requiring cords or adapters..........SleepWell.


1. Wake up lights and 5 nature sounds (Cuckoo singing,Seaside,Thrush singing,Kingfisher singing,Thunderstorm) a great alternative to abrupt alarm tones.

2. Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock .The light will turn on automatically for 30 minutes before alarm time , 20 steps of intensity mimicing natural sunrise.

3. Touch sensor multi-color night light. Tap the touch panel on the top, you can turn on/off, switch modes (three levels of warm-white light mode and color changing mode) dimming, you can also choose the color you want according to your preferences.

4. USB port and rechargeable design.The product can be connected to USB port on your computer, laptop, power bank, etc. A build-in 3600mAH battery allows you to bring the device to any place without leads and adapters.

5.Multi-functional night light is a be used as a wake-up light, but also can be used as bedside light, reading light, multi-color night lights, mood lights, atmosphere lights or a romantic night light.

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